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Dec 24 2009


Back in Bay City, MI for about another week. Jes will come visit for a few days starting on Dec. 27th before we drive back to Cleveland to visit her family for New Year’s celebrations. The best part will be spending more time with her, especially with how busy this second semester promises to be. The quarter-keg of Christmas Ale that her family is serving, however, runs a close second. It’s supposed to taste better than magic! Right now I’m trying to think of things to do with Jes while she’s visiting. I have a few ideas, but they’ll stay a surprise this time…

I made the mistake of writing about Jes’ “surprise” Christmas gift on this blog. She was able to read about her surprise present maybe a week before I could give her the gift. But I learn from my mistakes. I can’t say anything about my plans for when she visits in case she’s reading this right now.

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