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Dec 09 2009


It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving was a full two weeks ago. With the traffic, friends and I spent about 20 hours in transit on the trips between D.C. and Michigan. It’s always good to get home, play with the dogs and remind my parents why their grocery bill for food used to be so expensive by raiding their refrigerator. Thankfully Christmas break is just around the corner and I’ll fly back for a week before visiting Jes’ family for a few days and finally driving back to D.C.

A lot’s happened this past week. Jes and I went to see a performance by the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Theater. For whatever reason (it was on a Friday night, and we were both exhausted after teaching earlier) the first half of the concert seemed a little dull, but the second half was on something else. Those saxophones can wail! After our night out, I woke up the next morning and found out that one of my best friends had proposed to his girlfriend (yes) the night before. I have plans to meet some of Jes’ friends a holiday party downtown this Friday. Next week shouldn’t be so much work except for a grad school paper due on Monday.

But it’s happy sailing after that: another Christmas party on Thursday night and a get together with some friends on Friday. We need to celebrate all of our grad classes ending on the same day and all of our breaks starting on that same Monday, December 21st when I’m due to fly home. We’ll see if it turns into a practice run for either of their bachelor parties (one has been engaged since July, the other since December 4th/5th depending on what time he popped the question). The Saturday immediately following a group of us are going to the National Zoo to walk around and look at the Christmas lights, maybe make fun of the locals for thinking that 25 degrees is cold. And Jes doesn’t know yet, but the Sunday before I leave I’m taking her to see a play at the Kennedy Center. It’s called “Shear Madness,” a comedy and murder mystery that takes place in a D.C. barber shop.
Say more prayers. My second formal evaluation comes sometime tomorrow!

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